Love and Tolerance 


Others is our Code

I am a Grateful Recovered Alcoholic

My name is Di

My Sobriety Date is December 31, 1988

For this I am eternally grateful.

I am a member of a 12-step fellowship.  I have completed the 12 steps and I practice these priniciples in all my affairs today.  I have a home group, a sponsor, and I sponsor women.  I freely give what was given to me.  Because today, I am responsible.

On December 31, 1988, I was twelve-stepped into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous by a very good friend, David.  I was told I only had to put the drink down for 24-hours at a time and I could split those 24 hours up into as many increments as possible.  Through the help of a sponsor, a higher power, and a home group, I have done this consistently for 35 years.  It works; It really does. 

I have built this website and manage it to honor all of the people who have helped me stay sober and to pay back in some small way what was given to me.  My hope is it will touch the lives of alcoholics everywhere in someway. and it will make a difference.  A difference between life and death.  I chose to live, I hope others will choose the same path.

Thank you, Di 

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