Love and Tolerance 


Others is our Code

A Beautiful, Beautiful Woman

A beautiful, beautiful woman,

Shed your brittle shell,

Filled with your insecurities,

Reveal your inner secrets to us.

The dullness in your eyes,

Heaving your shoulders,

Exuding sadness and despair

Loneliness and pain, regret and remorse.

Hidden, securely locked inside,

A heartfelt spirit, a longing for compassion,

A spiritual being, a woman deeply impacted,

A beautifully, beautifully damaged woman.

Follow the footprints into our world,

Our hope, our light, our promise

Seize quickly onto our Love and Tolerance

It will see you through the night.

Feel, your eyes begin to sparkle,

Your head has risen high,

Your passion effervescing,

It brings us to our knees with joy.

You are an exuberant woman,

The inspiration of the universe,

Uncover all the jewels of your soul,

Uncover the healed scars of experience.

A delightfully honest and open woman,

The excitement in your expression,

The passion lighting your eyes,

A powerful ideal for sisterhood,

Welcome back to life.

To my sponsee, Michelle 

(and every female newcomer who walks through our doors

looking for a solution and a better way of life.)

From Diane V.  (04/02/09)